Success Stories

Allianz Video Success Story

Allianz success story video
Watch this video success story as Brenda Leadley – AVP Group Human Resources for Allianz discusses the war for talent as it relates to the needs of their organisation. In particular she talks about why they selected SuccessFactors over the competition and how the Allianz board wanted a better way of understanding and utilizing their talent in order to answer questions such as: who was out there, who’s ready to be promoted, who’s available if a slot opens up and who’s prepared for future business needs.

The Tools for Success

The Tools For Success
Watch these three Australian HR professionals candidly discuss how they found out about SuccessFactors, why they introduced it to their organisations and the process of implementation throughout their business. They talk about the key business issues they tackled and the results experienced. They also discuss specific benefits gained such as clarifying responsibilities and focus, robust goal setting, elimination of paper based systems, performance management and running remuneration programs.