Stack Ranker

How Employees Stack Up

In a reward based work environment, the ability to assess employee skills pursuant to a particular task or assignment is essential. Ascendia and SuccessFactors Business Execution software provides you with instant side-by-side comparative employee information at your fingertips. Giving you the ability to cross reference employee skill sets based on predetermined criteria at the click of a mouse…data set directly to your desktop.

Assessing The Situation

Let us help you simplify the entire review process for your business. Our Stack Ranking protocol is quick, easy, and accurate. Now it’s possible to quickly evaluate an individual or even an entire team and make timely and cost effective assessments in the areas of promotions or layoffs. Secure your position in the marketplace and stay a step ahead of your competition while getting the most from your workforce investment. We can show you how. Let our knowledge and SuccessFactors software show you how the Stack Ranker can help you:

  • Obtain and display critical individual or team information quickly and easily
  • Save time by using the side-by-side ranking system
  • Make more accurate and relative assessments
  • Quickly identify your top and lowest performers
  • Rank by skill set
  • Rank based on specifically designed criteria
  • And much more

At Ascendia, we have the tools you need to grow your corporation’s profitability and streamline your workforce. Contact us today to find out how.