How Important To Your Company’s Success Is Securing The Best Possible Candidate For Each Available Position?

The best available candidate for your open position is also being highly sought after by every single other one of your competitors.

Every CEO KnowsThat The Success of Their Business is Only as Good as its People.

If your competition winds up hiring the superior candidate instead of you, their business can soar… while your business can suffer greatly.

In today’s world you need to have every advantage possible as part of your corporate recruiting strategy.

Your company securing the best employee for the position available is really that important

Because the performance of your companies employees is one of the most important factors to creating a successful business. Considering people make up, on average, 70% of the operating costs of a business, there’s arguably no bigger opportunity to drive the bottom line than figuring out how to find, recruit, and
hire the top performing people.

Why SuccessFactors Recruitment Software?

SuccessFactors Recruitment: Improves quality of hire, Increases return on recruiting, Reduces the time and cost of hire, Empowers hiring managers and Makes new hires successful.

Greater Recruiting Productivity through:

  • Intuitive, streamlined workflow
  • Next generation technology
  • Focus on collaboration

Recruitment Software is a major leap forward and offers unique functionality to enable organizations to quickly source the right talent and ensure continued organizational alignment and high performance, while also offering all the core recruiting features that other leading talent acquisition systems provide. – Madeline Laurano – Bersin & Associates

Don’t just fill open positions.

Address all your recruiting needs and elevate the role of recruiting in increasing business performance.

  • Realise maximum impact by addressing the recruiting needs of the entire organisation including: Recruiters, Hiring Managers, HR Director, Interview Teams, Employees, Managers, Candidates.
  • SuccessFactors is an on-demand recruitment software and end to end talent management solution for medium to large sized companies to use to recruit staff more effectively using integrated web, collaboration and workflow technologies.
  • SuccessFactors recruitment software improves the quality of hire based on success profiles of your most successful people in similar positions.
  • SuccessFactors streamlines the process of identifying, screening, selecting, hiring, and on-boarding internal and external job applicants
  • SuccessFactors enables organizations to quickly and accurately identify needed skills and immediately launch a search for the right person.
  • SuccessFactors significantly increases the productivity and effectiveness of the recruitment process.
  • SuccessFactors recruitment software increases the Return on Recruiting with cutting edge analytics & search tools.
  • SuccessFactors helps to make new hires successful by leveraging the power of a fully integrated talent management suite.
  • SuccessFactors is more closely integrated than any other vendor between its talent acquisition and performance management modules.
  • The only recruitment software solution which takes a truly holistic view of recruiting.
  • This means you can not only cast your recruiting net as far and wide as possible, recruit efficiently and onboard effectively. It also means that recruiting can be tightly integrated into your talent management process.
  • Our Recruiting solution is fundamentally different and better than what exists today because we really think about Recruiting differently. We have a laser focus on what we consider our 3 core pillars, key tenets, and we bring these into our development approach.

Whether through increased recruiter efficiency, empowering employees to look for projects within the company or getting managers involved in the recruiting process; SuccessFactors Recruiting Management has helped us improve how we hire and deploy the right employees on key projects, that ultimately drives customer value.– Melynda Fox-Lieby, Sr. Corporate Recruiter

  1. A focus on greater productivity. Our goal is to reduce the time it takes for recruiters to carry out their daily tasks. We do this through leveraging next generation,
    Web 2.0 recruitment software that streamlines the workflow for each critical task. We’re a “one page app” so you’ll see when we go in to demonstrate the solution that everything that you need to drive the recruiting process and get your job done is accessible to you from one page.
  2. We understand that Recruiting is a team sport. And as a result, we’ve built our recruitment software solution to support ALL of the players in the process – from Recruiters to Hiring Managers to Interviewers to Staffing Management and Executives. We believe that each role should have a “right for me” experience that makes ultra-easy for them to use and allows them to participate in the process. We believe in bringing a consumer-like experience to our applications so that every day users can just start using the application with little or no guidance required.
  3. Recruiting as part of the integrated Business Execution Suite. We support viewing the talent needs, the supply and demand, holistically. We believe the Recruiting process does not start with opening a requisition and does not end with the hire. We believe that the power comes from having a holistical solution that can really tell you where your talent is – especially within your organization. When you have this type of visibility, it becomes easier to staff positions from the wealth of talent you have internally – leading to highly engaged, motivated and successful employees. And we are finally able to solve the one problem that no other provider in the marketplace is able to solve today: we are able to close the loop on your Recruiting process and tell you which hires went on to become great hires, which ones didn’t and help you to bring that knowledge into your recruiting processes to ensure a better business outcome.[/span]

Best in class recruitment software features combined with tight integration with the rest of the talent and performance management suite.

In addition to standard and advanced recruiting capability, SuccessFactors offers recruitment software capabilities unlike any other solution:

  • Candidate ranker – Lets you easily view and modify ranking across various competencies for candidates, both internal and external combined, and then see which candidate is the top choice.
  • Source quality chart – Source quality chart helps you select the right person for the job by showing where your best hires are coming from, which sources generate the best value for the least cost.
  • Internal recruitment – by adding employee profile employees can apply for positions they’re interested in and minimize the amount of information they fill in each time which means the application process is quicker and easier.
  • Analytics and reporting – SuccessFactors is the only vendor with an organic, integrated analytics and reporting engine on a single data model. In addition to all standard and advanced reports SuccessFactors lets you track the time and cost of hire as well as the ROI of new hires.

SuccessFactors provides all the recruiting essentials expected in a leading recruitment software solution from requisition creation and approval, through sourcing to candidate management, hire and beyond.

Standard Recruitment Software Capabilities Include:

  • Centralized Job Profiles with key competency requirements provide targeted profiles to quickly create targeted requisitions.
  • Micro-sites for recruiting give customers the ability to design & deploy unique career sites targeting specific audiences, purposes and / or languages.
  • Micro-sites for recruiting give customers the ability to design & deploy unique career sites targeting specific audiences, purposes and / or languages.
  • Interview Assessments and Summary Reports.
  • Requisition workflow & tracking.
  • Advanced Correspondence Management.
  • Customizable Application Workflow.
  • SuccessFactors recruitment software also provides a comprehensive set of advanced capabilities such as Interview Management, Event Management, Reporting and Analytics.

Other advanced recruiting capability includes:

  • Automated screening.
  • SuccessFactors recruitment software is efficient at filtering and processing thousands of candidates. This allows you to apply screening questions to particular jobs and setup disqualifier questions.
  • Automatic scoring.
  • Scores can be setup for different responses so that applicants can be scored, ranked and filtered automatically.
  • Granular recruiting processes – Has the ability to create unique recruiting business processes that are very granular down to the job role or location level for example.
  • Web 2.0 – Integration and syndication with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so that jobs have the potential to reach millions of people.
  • Website career portal.
  • SuccessFactors recruitment software integrates seamlessly into your corporate website and portals for internal and external recruiting.
  • SuccessFactors integrates with global job boards and job site aggregators (including the world’s biggest job distributor eQuest) to ensure optimal
    visibility of available positions.

Benefits Across Each Level Of The Organisation

Maximum impact by addressing the recruiting needs of the entire organisation including: Recruiters, Hiring Managers, HR Director, Interview Teams, Employees, Managers, Candidates.


  • Reduced turnover.
  • Workforce skills aligned with company needs.
  • Fewer talent gaps throughout the organization.
  • Insight into the true effectiveness of staffing practices.


  • Actionable insight into effectiveness of candidate sources.
  • More effective on-boarding & quicker productivity from new hires.
  • Consistent insight into the performance of new hires.


  • Ease transition from candidate to employee.
  • True understanding of expectations on day one.
  • Higher job satisfaction through better fit [b]Interview teams[/b] (Provide sound recommendations on candidate).
  • [b]Employees[/b] (Apply for internal positions via the career portal).
  • [b]Managers[/b] (Leverage company-wide talent information to create effective hiring requisitions).
  • Automates the stages of recruiting: Job requisition, Job posting on the web, Job application, Tracking, Analysis.
  • Supports internal talent mobility ensuring companies staff the best people possible in the right areas (the right talent in the right projects).
  • Improves the recruiting processes of clients by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of hiring.