Performance Management System

SuccessFactors is an on-demand talent and performance management system for helping companies manage and optimise their workforce and business performance. Not only does this results-based software allow clients to measure the performance of their top producers, it lets them know who’s not measuring up.

Feedback Loop

SuccessFactors Performance Management System facilitates a meaningful, ongoing feedback loop between managers, subordinates and peers.


SuccessFactors allows you to measure employee contributions across the organization – accurately, clearly, and objectively.

Targeted Development

With SuccessFactors you’ll be equipped to decide who you want to keep, reward, or single out for targeted development.

Online Tool

SuccessFactors performance management system is used as an online tool and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

The performance of your employees is one of the most important factors to creating a successful business. Considering people make up, on average, 70% of the operating costs of a business, there’s arguably no bigger opportunity to drive the bottom line than figuring out how to optimize people performance through a best practice and software-based performance management system.

Benefits at Every Level

For Executives

  • Real time, actionable insight into organizational performance.
  • Greater culture of fairness, equality, and transparency, resulting in boosted morale and productivity.
  • Decreased costs associated with cumbersome manual processes.

For Mangers

  • Engaged and motivated employees.
  • Simpler and more meaningful performance assessment process.
  • More time on coaching and guidance, less on administrative tasks.

For Employees

  • Fair and consistent reviews based on actual performance.
  • Insight into strengths and weaknesses form the basis for development.
  • Simpler and more meaningful assessment process.