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Before You Are A Leader, Success Is All About Growing Yourself… When You Become A Leader, Success Is All About Growing Others – Jack Welch

Presenting SuccessFactors Learning Management Software

A solution for managing all aspects of an organisations learning and career development process. The software provides for an integrated approach to learning which incorporates formal as well as informal (social) learning.

The solution supports the management, delivery, and measurement of learning content and activities throughout your organisation. SuccessFactors Learning Management helps you transform learning within your organisation and transform your workforce.

Organisations Who Are Using SuccessFactors Learning Management Software

Organisations using SuccessFactors

Organisations using SuccessFactors

Transform Your Workforce

  • Improves workforce productivity
  • Boosts engagement and improves talent readiness.
  • Manages and complies with audit requirements.
  • Accelerates and simplifies learning delivery.
  • Makes learning more cost effective.
  • Unlocks tacit knowledge.
  • Improves knowledge sharing.

SuccessFactors Learning Management[/blue] incorporates best practices in career and development planning with best-in-class learning management capabilities that support management, delivery, and measurement of learning content and activities.

Why SuccessFactors Learning Management?

Key to Comprehensive Talent Management

  • Increases speed and quality of execution.
  • Improves employee agility to changing business conditions.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance and reduces risk.

Rich, Intuitive ‘Self-Service’ Analytics

  • Increases speed and quality of execution.
  • Improves employee agility to changing business conditions.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance and reduces risk.

Leading Content Management Solution

  • Decrease operational expense.
  • Focus on driving exceptional learning programs – not technology.

Innovative, Unique Social Leaning

  • Easy to publish and collaborate.
  • Increases innovation.
  • Reduces operational expenses.

Comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS)

  • [b]Deliver[/b] courses anyplace, anytime.
  • [b]Provide[/b] learning to your extended network.
  • [b]Create[/b] web-based e-Learning content.
  • [b]Ensure[/b] compliance and competencies.

Informal (Social) Learning – Works the Way People Do

  • [b]Anyone is an author[/b] – any employee can share their expertise as a document, video, or recorded presentation.
  • [b]Everyone is connected[/b] – everyone can contribute and collaborate.
  • [b]Access expertise anywhere[/b] – connect and network anytime, anywhere.
  • [b]Find what you need[/b] – tag, rate and search, the wisdom of the crowd makes the best content pop to the top


Blended Learning for Maximum Impact
Blended Learning: The ‘Sweet Spot’ for Accelerating Performance and Learning ROI. It’s when you combine Formal Learning with Informal/Self-Directed and Social learning.

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SuccessFactors Learning Management Core Capabilities

  • Maintain personal development plans independent of the performance review process.
  • Identifies skills gaps and suggests development activities to close gaps.
  • Deliver focused learning activities against development goals, competencies and roles.
  • Select learning activities from the internal development catalogue.
  • Track progress against development plans, and learning activities.
  • Gain real-time visibility into the competency health of the overall organisation.
  • Add learning activity schedules to Microsoft Outlook to facilitate reminders.
  • Research job descriptions and identify competencies required to succeed in those jobs.
  • Tap into a library of learning content and learning activity.
  • Unparalleled dashboard reporting and intuitive, actionable analytics.
  • Enable employees to explore career paths based on their current or desired role.

SuccessFactors Learning Management Career Worksheet

  • Employees and managers can select future roles or positions of interest and track development goals against these positions.
  • Employees can visualise and analyse their ‘readiness’ for a future role based on current and required competency attainment levels.
  • Employees to create development goals based on competency gaps between current and future roles.
  • Employees and managers can undertake role readiness assessments to allow for collaborative input and feedback with regards to future role readiness.

Career Path

SuccessFactors Social Learning Provides

  • Real-time knowledge sharing
  • Advanced collaboration capabilities
  • On-going peer based learning
  • Accelerates the flow of knowledge