Goal Management

Companies That More Closely Align Goals Across The Organisation Enjoy Much Higher Levels of Financial Success

Well respected research has documented a strong correlation between a company’s financial performance and an effective goal setting process. A business with unclear goals simply can’t win.

What Are The Top Business Benefits of Clearly Setting and Aligning Goals Across Your Company?

  • Increased Operating Margins through greater employee productivity.
  • Quicker Execution of Company Strategy through more effective allocation of labour resources across projects.
  • Reduced Employee Turnover through increased engagement by creating greater employee ownership in your company’s success.

What Can Goal Management Software Do For Your Business?

Because everyone in your organisation wears lots of hats, knowing who is doing what can sometimes be difficult. With SuccessFactors Goal Management, you can provide your people with the means to easily align goals to the overall mission of your company.

SuccessFactors Goal Management facilitates an automated goal completion process which gives management clear, real-time visibility of progress against high-level strategic goals.

Greater visibility creates organisation-wide clarity over who is accountable and what results are being achieved. This clarity and accountability encourages managers and individual contributors to stay on course in achieving their goals, while helping executives keep a pulse on the company’s performance.

SuccessFactors Goal Management Provides

  • Alignment by providing visibility to goals across an entire organization, providing a clear line of sight from the most strategic objectives to the most practical
  • Accountability – by assigning measurable and clearly articulated goals that are visible to employees based on the organization’s privacy needs.
  • Agility – by arming managers with the real-time information and metrics they need to refocus employees at any time before efforts are expended inappropriately.
  • Speed – completion of corporate goals; streamline goal planning while gaining powerful insights by using collected data more effectively.
  • Focuses employees on the right goals and helps get everyone committed to achieving them, every day.
  • Greater Engagement and co-operation by giving employees insight into the link between their daily efforts and achieving the organization’s strategic objectives.
  • Visibility and transparency by highlighting how strategic objectives are broken down into individual goals, who is working on which goal and the status of each goal.
  • Fairness – by improving the consistency of goal setting and status reporting you improve the quality and fairness of performance measurement across the organization.
  • Productivity – by enabling you to more effectively leverage the skills of your employees.
  • Performance improvements are accelerated through clear, continuous feedback.
  • Results – by aligning goals to strategy and by enabling managers and employees to continually track goal progress to ensure intended results are attained.
  • Capabilities enables management to create cascade, monitor and assess the progress of company-wide goal completion.

In addition to all the standard and advanced functionality you’d expect, SuccessFactors’ Goal Management provides a number of capabilities which are unique such as:

  • Coaching tools such as the S.M.A.R.T goal wizard to assist managers when they need it most.
  • Consumer-driven interface incorporating organizational design best practices making it intuitive and effortless to use.
  • Enables pay-for-performance by providing the foundation for linking reward systems with individual and team performance.

Provides the ability to set S.M.A.R.T. goals with line-of-sight from the most strategic to the most tactical, allowing managers to track progress at any time.

  • Goals can be cascaded between anyone in the organization.
  • SMART goals can be created with our SMART Goal Wizard.
  • Goals can be viewed in context of the organizational hierarchy.
  • Goals can be aligned up and down.
  • Multiple actions can be taken on all goals.
  • Goal reminders can be automated.
  • Dashboards to deliver company-wide or individual reports.

Cost Savings from Goal Management

Automation of Goal Management can bring about dramatic cost savings through the following:

  • Increased Operating Margins via Improved Productivity
  • Cost Savings via Better Compensation Planning
  • Cost Savings via Higher Retention

Some of the largest and most successful companies in the world are already using SuccessFactors software for this function

Benefits at Every Level


  • Complete alignment with strategic objectives up, down, and across the organization.
  • Improved organizational agility with instant goal communication.
  • Improved ability to identify top performers
  • Keep a pulse on the company’s performance
  • Focus staff on the company’s most pertinent goals


  • Actionable, real-time insight into status of employee goals and tasks.
  • More effective communication of organization and team goals.
  • Fair and consistent performance reviews across teams.
  • Helps to ensure staff stay on course in achieving their goals.
  • Understand more clearly all responsibilities associated with specific goals.


  • Simpler process for developing highly relevant goals.
  • Constant awareness of expectations, eliminating wasted efforts.
  • More meaningful performance reviews & rewards based on agreed-upon objectives.