Employee Central

Next Generation Core HR

Maintaining Your HR Focus

Now you can focus, centralize and organise what you already know about your workforce. Thanks to Ascendia and SuccessFactors Employee Central, HR employee data management has never been easier. An intuitive user interface powered by effective dating and auditing capabilities makes it easy to manage current, historical or future-looking HR Data, securely and from any location or device. While elegant workflow capabilities and wizard driven tools enable you to automate and streamline HR processes such as transfers, leave, and new hires.

More Resourceful Management

Centralized aggregation of rich workforce data effectively reduces time spent gathering and processing employee information, promoting a more cost effective use of time and resources. This streamlining of daily HR tasks can result in higher productivity and increased profitability. The ability to instantly retrieve or update rich information regarding an individual within your workforce gives your organization new strategic uses of workforce information. Let us show you how Employee Central can help your company effectively manage:

  • New Hires
  • Promotions
  • Job Transfers
  • Job Histories
  • Certifications
  • Work Eligibilities
  • Addition and Termination of Staff
  • And much more…

The marketplace is constantly changing. How your business deals with and adapts to those changes will define how competitive it will remain. The gathering, maintaining, and storage of staff related data is a huge undertaking for any organization. Let us help make it a less daunting task. We have the knowledge and the tools to help your organization push its workforce and profits to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.