Cubetree Enterprise Collaboration

Keeping Everyone In The Loop

Plan, review, and share across multiple business platforms? Now you can. Ascendia and SuccessFactors Business Execution Software make it possible for you to connect team members, supervisors, managers, and employees, your entire workforce across a private social network designed by and for your business organization.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of real-time company-wide communications focused entirely on the individual requirements of your company.

Knowing Your Network

Connect, collaborate, and communicate! That’s what the Cubetree online collaboration suite enables your employees to do in a socially secure network. The ability to communicate with managers and team leaders either in groups or individually allows you to gather essential feedback which can instantly be shared with all other necessary parties. This secure social network gives you the freedom to safely share delicate information companywide while still focusing on your organization’s business strategy. The Cubetree Collaboration suite combined with Ascendia professional services allow your organization to:

  • Use familiar social networking features like profiles, feeds and micro- blogging
  • Access built-in collaboration tools such as wikis, blogs, polls, chat, file-sharing, link-sharing
  • Take advantage of personal software integrations to systems like Twitter
  • Share ideas across your organization
  • Connect with each other more effectively
  • Blog, chat, and fileshare across the network
  • Share links
  • And much more…

The need to communicate quickly and effectively company-wide on a day-to-day basis can present an overwhelming challenge. We can help you and your organization meet that challenge head-on. Contact us today and find out how.