Workforce Analytics and Reporting

Managing What You Know

The ability to make an informed decision comes from the ability to gather reliable data. Executing a successful business plan relies heavily on your workforce’s capacity to implement policies and procedures set forth by its supervisors and team leaders. Ascendia and SuccessFactors Business Execution Software can provide you with the services and software to make key decisions regarding employee performance and alignment with corporate strategy.

Knowing What You Manage

Effective decisions must be motivated by and based on reliable data concerning a number of different factors including employee performance, an employee’s abilities and skill set, their desire to succeed, compensation, their role within the organization, and the extent to which they understand and share the company strategy.

Business leaders must also be able to assess, as a whole, the organization’s overall strengths and weaknesses. Once all of the relative information has been collected it can then be funneled into a comprehensive report. At Ascendia we can make the collection, analysis, and reporting of your corporate data quick and easy. Our services and solutions can provide your organization with…

  • The ability to quickly and effectively locate and address areas of concern within the corporate structure
  • Intuitive filters allowing managers to quickly locate desired information
  • The ability to save and export customized reports
  • Criteria break-outs for managers allowing for easier data searches
  • Information related in real-time
  • Tools that give managers deeper insight into employees
  • The ability to instantly cross-reference information
  • And much more…

Now you can access, correlate, and act on key information immediately. We’ll show you how. Contact us today and start putting Ascendia’s services and SuccessFactors Business Execution Software to work for you organization.