Does Your Company Face These 2 Serious Human Capital Management Challenges?

There are 2 fundamental people-related problems facing South African companies today and your company’s Success depends on how well It solves these 2 problems compared to your competitors!

When consulting with CEOs and top executives from various industries, these two issues are frequently raised:

My company can’t hire, retain, develop and motivate enough good people!

For years, this has been a major issue for even the largest South African companies.

Let’s face it: Without good and competent employees, your business can’t operate smoothly. If you’re constantly worried about employee turnover, losing your ‘top people’ to the competitors or how to develop, motivate and reward staff to perform you are losing precious productive time that can be used to move the business forward.

I have all sorts of great ideas in my head, but how do I communicate my strategy to my employees and get things done?

CEOs and executives we have spoken to often have great plans for their companies. But when managing thousands of employees, how do you ensure that your strategy actually gets implemented?

Research has shown that 85% of a company’s tangible, financial success is due to effective execution rather than just strategizing. In other words, the companies that outperform their competitors are those that have mastered the art of getting things done.

Introducing SuccessFactors: Customized By Ascendia For South African Companies

SuccessFactors is more than just a piece of software. It’s a fully-customizable, cloud-based solution that connects every single employee in your company.

Unlike other readymade products, SuccessFactors is fully customized to suit the unique needs of your company, your industry, and the South African business environment.

More importantly, SuccessFactors directly addresses the two problems that face many South African companies today.

How Can SuccessFactors Help You Manage Your Employees Better?

At its core, SuccessFactors is a full-featured talent management solution. If your company is still using out-dated software or manual systems to manage employee data you’re missing out!

SuccessFactors offers a well-designed, easy-to-use interface that allows HR personnel to capture, view and manage employee HR data from one central location. More importantly, this data can be easily aggregated for reporting and audit purposes.

SuccessFactors Interface Example - Employee Platform

Unlike conventional HR software that merely captures and reports employee details, SuccessFactors goes beyond that. Its advanced interface allows HR personnel to:

  • Easily capture the core competencies and skills associated with each employee, allowing for more optimal use of available human capital. If you have a new project that needs specific skills and competencies, SuccessFactors can help you identify and deploy the right employees you need instead of having to guess which employees are suitable for the job.
  • Easily identify talent gaps in your organization: SuccessFactors intelligent interface alerts you to identify the core competencies and skills that are lacking in your organization.
  • Using the integrated recruitment module, your hiring managers can efficiently post jobs onto external job boards and automatically screen candidates from one streamlined interface. No tedious posting of job advertisements, sifting through large stacks of cover letters or endless sorting of emails. Core HR processes such as hiring can now be automated.
  • Conduct 360 degree reviews and stack-ranking side-by-side performance comparisons for a large number of employees at once. Of course, all relevant performance metrics can be pre-specified for comparison purposes. Promotions can now be based on actual performance instead of presumed or reported performance.
  • Identify, motivate, develop and retain talented employees. The #1 reason for the loss of competent employees stems from the fact that these employees do not feel valued by the company. SuccessFactors Development Module allows you to chart a career path for each employee, which is then linked to their individual learning and development goals.
  • Deliver e-learning content directly through the SuccessFactors interface – Ensure compliance, upgrade staff skills faster and boost performance levels without the need for a separate e-learning content delivery system
  • Identify high-risk of loss employees Identify employees that are likely to leave before they even leave! Using the advanced analytics in SuccessFactors retention strategies can be put in place before any damage gets done.

How Can SuccessFactors Help You Execute Your Business Strategy?

The answer lies in its simplicity: Since SuccessFactors is a cloud-based system, all of your employees across the organization can be given simultaneous access to the system from their individual computers. It’s like having a central platform to reach out to all your employees at once no matter where they are in the world.

SuccessFactors Interface Example - Execution Map

Before SuccessFactors communication of a new goal or strategy used to be difficult. If you’re still using department meetings, mass emails or internal memos, SuccessFactors provides a better way: Its Goal Management module allows strategic and key business changes to be quickly communicated to all staff.

Not only can strategic changes be communicated in a timely manner, goals can be set for specific employees with their performance tracked and measured right from the start.

Goal alignment and cascading tools

Using SuccessFactors goal alignment & cascading tools, a broad strategy from management is automatically broken down into easily understood components. Each individual part can then be assigned to specific employees or departments from the top-down, in a cascading manner.

So the next time top management comes up with a strategy, SuccessFactors can help you break it down into individual responsibilities, which are then assigned to individual departments and employees in your organization. What’s more, the built-in performance management and goal-tracking tools ensure full accountability.

SuccessFactors takes care of every aspect of your company’s strategy execution: From recruitment, performance management, employee development to even succession management. Simply put, it’s the most complete talent & employee performance management solution on the market today!

SuccessFactors Employee Lifecycle Diagram

100% Cloud-Based

As a cloud-based solution, there are no technical expertise or expensive hardware requirements on your part. Everything runs seamlessly off the secure servers of SuccessFactors, the world’s largest cloud deployment with over 15 million users.

To ensure seamless connectivity and data security, SuccessFactors has multiple redundancy data centres across the United States and Europe that are managed by IBM and TeleCity Redbus respectively. Its facilities are SAS 70 and BS7799 security-certified in line with the highest government standards.

With a cloud-based system, your employees can login securely to the SuccessFactors interface wherever they are in the country or world, without having to worry about having the necessary IT infrastructure. Most importantly, top management can monitor and track every aspect of the company’s progress in real-time from wherever they are.

As a result of the cloud-based design, it takes just an average of 84 days to implement throughout an organization.

We Offer a Risk-free Implementation, with Zero Sunk Costs.

Here at Ascendia, we want you to be 100% satisfied with the positive results our solution brings to your company.

If for whatever reason SuccessFactors does not work out, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We bear the risk if it does not work out for you.

Retain Full Ownership & Control Of Your Data

The subscriber retains full ownership of their data at all times and can easily extract this information at any time. In the unlikely event your company decides to cancel its subscription, all data in the SuccessFactors system can be downloaded, retained and migrated to another system.

Judging from the 95%+ renewal rate of SuccessFactors customers around the world, we think you would want to stay on!