360 Degree Feedback

Going Below the Surface

Often what others observe about an individual is more revealing than our own firsthand impressions. Feedback from managers and co-workers is invaluable when evaluating someone’s performance. A successful employee review should be based on information obtained from supervisors, peers, customers, and subordinates from in and outside the company. SuccessFactors Business Execution Software lets you obtain 360 degree feedback.

360 Degree Feedback

Collecting and compiling this data so that it reveals a fair and detailed record of performance can be a daunting task. SuccessFactors Business Execution software and Ascendia make it possible for your organization to acquire a balanced view of an employee’s strengths and weaknesses allowing for a more accurate evaluation of their overall performance. Our consultation services and software solutions allow you to:

  • Design a named or anonymous feedback system for peers, managers, customers, or partners
  • Solicit more candid responses from raters
  • Assist raters in writing and developing their survey responses
  • Acquire a more complete picture of overall employee performance and development
  • Locate hidden strengths and weaknesses within your organization
  • Gather more objective feedback from constituents
  • Develop a line of action
  • And much more

Your Clear Business Management Solution

Increase your organization’s ability to surpass the competition with Ascendia and the power of SuccessFactor Business Execution Software. We are the global leader in talent management for a reason. Contact us today to learn more.