Why Software as a Service?

Software as a service (SaaS) provides companies with a range of advantages over traditional on-premise software including:

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Rapid time to benefit
  • Reduced financial risk
  • Transparency & lower total cost of ownership
  • Configuration not customization
  • Advanced security
  • Faster product innovation

Analysts Agree – Cloud is Mainstream

The Cloud is Mainstream

SaaS vs. Traditional Software

SaaS vs Traditional Software

Significant Advantages of SaaS Include:

  • Lower Upfront Costs
    • Upfront costs are dramatically lower since SaaS requires no hardware/infrastructure investment, and implementation and ongoing maintenance costs are dramatically reduced since “true SaaS” avoids the custom software trap
  • Rapid Time to Benefit
    • By eliminating the upfront work required to set up hardware and install software, you can reduce your time to “go live” and start driving value more quickly.
  • Reduced Financial Risk
    • SaaS aligns perfectly with the needs of companies faced with shrinking budgets, fewer internal IT staff to support new initiatives, and a high threshold to justify technology investments.
  • Transparency and Lower TCO
    • No hidden costs or fees. No need to purchase hardware or invest in infrastructure. Fixed-bid implementation model prevents costly overruns.
  • Configuration not Customization
    • Highly configurable SaaS applications provide a tailored solution without customizing the code. Get the benefits of customization but avoid the costs of deploying and maintaining custom code.
  • Advanced Security
    • Secure and reliable software and SAS70 Type II certified data centers protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer information.
  • Faster Product Innovation
    • Since all customers leverage the same code base, new features can be easily delivered every month at no additional cost. Vendors can devote more resources to product innovation because deployment and maintenance is simplified.