Implementation Approach

We have a unique implementation approach, in which, implementation is a one-time cost incurred in the first year only.

Ascendia assumes the risk of every implementation, as shown by our pricing model. Implementations are costed at a fixed price, based on the scope of work. This provides you with a clear picture of total costs upfront.

The implementation process provides a faster time to benefit than with traditional software implementations. This is because there is:

  • no hardware or software to purchase;
  • very little reliance on IT;
  • the platform is designed to be highly configurable without custom coding.

Business Process Driven

Another major advantage of fewer IT requirements is that customers can focus more on their business processes. Our implementations are business driven and run by talent management domain experts. By contrast, on-premise solution implementations tend to be software focused and done by systems consultants.

Proven EMPOWER Methodology

All Ascendia professional services teams follow an EMPOWER Implementation methodology.

EMPOWER is a tried and tested method designed to help you gain maximum benefit from your talent management solution in the minimum time. EMPOWER has been used successfully across hundreds of implementations.

With the EMPOWER approach we break projects into distinct phases with clear objectives and deliverables from both Ascendia and Customer. EMPOWER consists of five phases – Initiate, Define, Configure, Transition and Deploy.

Below is an overview of the five EMPOWER phases.

EMPOWER Implementation Methodology
Phase Goal Purpose
1. Initiate Establish the framework for a successful project
2. Define Design a solution and develop a detailed project approach
3. Configure Configure solution to enable customers to achieve their strategic objectives
4. Transition Ensure a successful go-live
5. Deploy A solution to enable customer to reach corporate goals one employee at a time

Real-Time Project Collaboration

We all know that a successful solution implementation is about more than simply an effective project methodology. Success demands that we have:

  • the right team in place
  • regular in-person communication between vendor and customer
  • effective collaboration between all stakeholders
  • an efficient system for recording what gets done, by whom and when.

To further add to the effectiveness of our implementation approach Ascendia uses a simple, yet powerful project collaboration tool. This online platform (screenshot shown below) provides a collaborative workspace to monitor all activities, communications, and deliverables associated with your project.

All project stakeholders can track progress, raise issues, collaborate on tasks, and course correct if necessary.

All information relating to the project is stored in one central place.

Deliverables and key information are recorded, with sign-off at every stage.

To ensure success our consultants communicate with you every step of the way to ensure milestones are reached and all issues are resolved.

Ascendia Implementation Project System

A Partnership for Success

Our ultimate vision is in creating a “Partnership for Success.” We don’t rest until our customers are functioning optimally, happily and successfully. Partnership by our definition means that our success becomes your success.