Ascendia’s Approach

Passion & Focus: Consulting

Our apply passion and focus on helping South African companies grow and empower their workforce. That’s why we adopt a fresh consulting-based approach to talent management solutions.

Unlike other companies that are merely vendors or resellers, Ascendia is a consultancy firm at its heart. The leadership team has diverse experience in HR, performance and talent management, having served in senior management or on the board of multi-national software companies themselves before moving to full-time HR solutions consultancy.

Working with companies in South Africa and across Europe and America, Ascendia consultants know what needs to be done for your company or industry. They also know the best practices for each industry and are able to apply them to the unique South African setting.

Why the Ascendia Approach Works

Talent management solutions today are intelligent & collaborative information systems.

This means when programmed and customised correctly, they can provide powerful analytic feedback about your company’s direction, progress and practices.

Because we take a consultative and long-term approach to our partnership, we take a close look at the needs of your organization before making our careful recommendations.

Since we know that implementing the wrong solution can be costly, we use our rich experience to tell us what has worked (or not worked) for similar companies in the past.

After the suitable solution has been identified, Ascendia will work with your team to customise and implement the solution across your organisation. After implementation, Ascendia remains on-call for technical issues, assistance or support at any time.